This book is powerful and life-changing… but don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what our readers have had to say:

You have changed my life with this book.

I listened to 1 chapter every day on my morning walk.

The revelations I had in this book were powerful. The most important revelation that came to me is that not a single person in my family of origin loved me.

After reading this book and taking the ACE quiz I immediately searched for a CBT and talk therapist and enrolled in sessions the week after.

Throughout the book you will feel mixed emotions of sorrow and anger, but once your mind has been expanded, your mind can never go back.

This book is lightyears ahead of its time. I believe that through Peaceful Parenting we truly can change the world.

Please read/listen to this book and spread the word.

Hearing the author’s approach to parenting gave me the confidence to have a child of my own. I cannot imagine parenting her any other way.

I didn’t realize why I was drinking until I read this book, faster than therapy, deeper than denial and cold cut truth for the brave. You won’t make it through this book without having a revelation in thought and you will find a better way indeed.

Thank you for bringing me closer to the truth.
Thank you so much for bringing me closer to God. 🙏

The facts in the book are powerful and the conclusions are clear, if we want to have a more peaceful world, we need to be peaceful parenting.

Peaceful parenting is the only book on the topic that helps you obtain the objective perspective on the reality of your upbringing. Together with other books from the author (e.g. Real Time Relationships, On Truth) it is an essential source of improving my life and my parenting. I’d never be able to fully repay the author for how deeply he influenced my life for the better.

Changing the world. Beautiful book.

It’s almost a birds eye view of how to and how not to raise a child.

This book empowers you to have what it takes to have a kid of your own.

“Peaceful Parenting” offers a difficult, yet honest and insightful conversation with readers/listeners about what it takes (and what it does not take) to raise children in a manner that is both empathetic and rational. This book challenges oneself to reflect deeply about one’s own childhood as well as their preconceived notions about ethical child rearing. Upon reading this book, I was encouraged by my conscience to both understand and reconcile with my past in order break the cycle of intergenerational trauma within my own family of origin for the sake of my future family. I thank the author and his team for researching the evidence needed to bring this book to life. With the philosophy of “Peaceful Parenting” put into practical utility, we can all change the world for the better and offer the children of the future a safe, joyful and peaceful society that has yet been given the proper chance to flourish at any point in time in human history.

‘Peaceful Parenting’ is a book that challenges conventional wisdom on child-rearing and offers a watertight case for raising children without aggression or punishment. Drawing on extensive research and personal experience, the author presents a logical, data-driven approach to parenting that emphasizes the importance of nurturing a child’s emotional and psychological well-being. This book is not just a manual for parents; it is a call to action for society to recognize that the key to a better world lies in how we treat kids. By adopting the principles of peaceful parenting, the cycle of dysfunction can be broken and a future where empathy, reason, and respect become the cornerstones of human interaction. A must-read for anyone committed to making a lasting, positive impact on the next generation.

Peaceful Parenting is a revolutionary book that has profoundly influenced my approach to parenthood and my understanding of the non-aggression principle (NAP). Extending the NAP to everyone, including children, is groundbreaking and has been critical in shaping my perspective on peaceful parenting.

As someone who desperately wants to be a good mother someday, the preparation this book has provided has been life-changing. The audiobook, read expressively by the author himself, is incredibly engaging. I found myself so absorbed that I reached chapter six just while wearing ear buds at work. I looked down and realized I’d been listening for hours.

One of the standout aspects of this book is how the author presents and dismantles the arguments from the perspective of those who support corporal punishment. His philosophical breakdown of these points is meticulous, making the content easy to follow and understand.

I highly recommend Peaceful Parenting to anyone, especially those who are learning about parenting before having children. While it remains valuable for current parents, it can be challenging to confront past mistakes. This book is a must-read for anyone committed to raising children in a peaceful, non-aggressive environment.

A life changing book that can – and eventually will – change the world. An invaluable resource for rehabilitating aggressive parents and an immensely useful reference for the already peaceful parents. The argument for aggressive and violent parenting is decimated, never to again be mentioned with a straight face!

On a personal note, I’ve read the entire book twice, and have consulted certain chapters multiple times. Sometimes to wear new grooves in my mind (low ACE score, but I was not raised completely peacefully) with regards to my own parenting, other times just to bask in the glow of the plain spoken yet simultaneously brilliant arguments. The case for peaceful parenting is ironclad – be it moral or scientific – and in this case both!

If you want to do something to change the current (downward) trajectory of humanity today – READ THIS BOOK!

Forget esoterica about obscure meetings on hidden islands, unlikely and ill-conceived scenarios involving flag poles and lifeboats, juridical jargon, or the technical details involving the legitimacy of self defense – if you’re a libertarian/voluntarist/anarchist and you’re talking about any of that stuff before addressing the largest violation of the NAP that we can do the most about, which is child abuse, then you’re doing a disservice to the mission of spreading ideas involving self-ownership, liberty, private property, etc.

We’ve tried: founding a nation on the ideals of freedom which simply created a more plentiful capital stock for the parasitic class to feast on, attempting to educate people with 1200 page treatises about praxeology which has ensured being squeezed out of academia and lampooned as “Randroids” and autistic parodies of Spock, entering the political arena which has only served to give our consent to the political process fundamentally based on coercion undermining our values around non-aggression, etc. – while these attempts are well intentioned and in many ways valiant, none of them address the root cause of aggressive or the malformed personality structures that would use it.

The wait is over and the answer is here: Peaceful Parenting.

This magnum opus is broken up into 3 parts; the moral arguments, the practice, and the evidence culminating in an air tight case.

Despite its unrelenting nature and the discomfort that comes along with reading it, the author is sympathetic to those who don’t yet practice peaceful parenting and comes from a place of love, not holier than thou finger wagging.

This book is a must have for anyone who cares about libertarianism, philosophy, relationships, parenting, psychology, child development, etc.

It is available in eBook and audiobook for free, so there are no excuses for why you can’t read it – simply by reading this review the standards have been increased, because in the future it will be common knowledge this book was available for free and if you don’t read it your children or the children in your life will want to know why.

This book takes parenting, turns it inside and out, digging deep into its core. It gave me the tools to become a better peaceful parent and helped me process my own childhood, which is so important to being a good parent.

The last book they’ll ever ban, for herein births their bane; else, heretofore, banners’ will begone, beset upon by their hearts barren~ 📖

My grandfather, an abusive raging alcoholic, once told my father he was doing his best; that he (my father) should take the good and leave the bad so that someday our blood line could end the cycle of abuse.  My own father failed.  Peaceful Parenting gave me the tools I needed to clear the fog, set my house in order, and finally succeed where my forefathers failed.  The love and joy that is now felt in my family is priceless.  This will be my legacy. 

This book will turn your world upside down, it has helped illuminate the reality of my parents’ awful decisions and clarified what I need to do to become a great parent to earn the love of my children.

Instead of telling you what to do, this book helps clarify what NOT to do in order to achieve a better world for you and your children. More than that, it provides moral arguments for what not to do to our helpless children who deserve our attention, guidance, and love.

Once the truth in this book is revealed there is no going back, but the other side is that you will be wiser and a better parent for it.

Your relationships will change, alliances will shift, the truth will be clarified, and you will become a wiser person.

That is, of course, should you choose to pick up this book and seek to grow.