Peaceful Parenting Consultation

Many parenting problems are common. But commonly offered solutions don't work because your family is not common.

"I have a wonderful child but there is this one little problem. . ."

"We are very happy with our children except for this one issue. . ."

"If only I could get an answer to this one question I would feel really good about my parenting skills. . ."

When people learn that I am a parenting coach, these are the worries I often hear. As a result, I am happy to announce a new service:

A Peaceful Parenting Consultation

Unique and Individualize Solutions to your Common Parenting Problems

Brief Description: Two (2) 30 minute telephone conversations

• During the initial interview with the parent(s) I will gather all of the necessary information about your family situation, question and concern. Emphasis will be on the specific and necessary details of your common parenting problem. What are the unique and individual aspects in your family?

• During the final interview I will review with you my evaluation and assessment for your family. The assessment will include the key challenges facing your family. Finally a specifically tailored plan for your family will be presented including your strategies for success.

These telephone consultations are booked to suit your schedule. A minimum of 48 hours is needed between the first and second conversation.

Your investment in your relationship with your child is priceless.

The investment for this consultation is $47.00 paid in advance of the first booking.
Please e-mail me at to get started.





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